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TCNJ Department of Residential Education and Housing 

Residential Curriculum 2023-24

Educational Priority

The Department of Residential Education and Housing develops engaged scholars and fosters caring communities by focusing on cultural competence, responsible citizenship, identity development, and the development of wellness practices.  


Cultural Competence Responsible Citizenship Wellness Practice Identity Development

Learning Goals

Students will navigate campus, local, and global communities in culturally competent ways.  Students will exercise responsible citizenship through civic engagement and being active participants in their communities Students will integrate wellness practices into their lives.  Students will critically examine various aspects of their identities and how they intersect.


In order for residents to be successful, they must develop the capacity to work with those different from themselves.  This requires both understanding and appreciation for different cultures and worldviews, as well as the ability to adjust behavior to communicate cross-culturally.  You will be able to develop the awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills in order to interact positively in an ever diversifying world. Through your residential experience, you will learn about ways to be active within your campus, local, national, and global communities.  Through civil discussion and listening, you will develop an awareness of the challenges both individuals and communities face. You will be able to actively participate in preventing and resolving problems to create a sense of belonging and benefit the common good.  Recognizing and implementing sustainable wellness practices that benefit academic, social, and professional development allows for lifelong learning and promotes your overall success. Through your residential experience, you will be able to identify and develop wellness practices along seven dimensions: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, and financial.  Identity development is a process of understanding and gaining awareness of who we are and how our unique experiences shape how we make meaning. Through your residential experience, you will be able to explore the intersections of your identities, how they change over time, and how they impact your interactions with others. 

Learning Outcomes

Residents will articulate the importance of cultural competence Residents will identify the communities they are a part of. Residents will recognize dimensions of wellness. Residents will define concepts of identity and intersectionality.
Residents will recognize different cultural practices and worldviews  Residents will analyze how individual and group behaviors affect communities. Residents will identify practices that enhance wellness. Residents will articulate their identities. 
Residents will analyze the difference between the intent of a behavior and its potential impacts. Residents will demonstrate the ability to engage in civil discussions that promote mutual understanding. Residents will analyze how wellness impacts success. Residents will analyze how their identities affect their interactions.
Residents will demonstrate the ability to communicate and interact across cultures. Residents will create inclusive environments. Residents will create a wellness plan that aligns with their success.
Residents will assess systems and institutions for culturally competent practices.

Strategies Utilized:

  • 1:1s
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media/Digital Signage
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Community Meetings
  • Shared Living Agreements
  • Community Events