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Residential Education Curriculum

TCNJ Residential Education utilizes a curricular model in our residence halls to facilitate student learning and community development.  Our student staff work directly with their Residence Directors to support the curriculum.  As part of their required job responsibilities, student staff facilitate learning-based events in coordination with their supervisors, host regular community events in their halls, and meet with residents for intentional conversations throughout the academic year.

Our Educational Priority

The Department of Residential Education and Housing at TCNJ builds open, purposeful and caring communities.  We provide experiences that empower students to explore identity and develop wellness practices that contribute to responsible citizenship.

Our Learning Outcomes

Students will contribute to open, purposeful and caring communities.

  • Students will recognize the relationship between personal and community needs and values.
  • Students will determine how their role impacts community development.
  • Students will demonstrate behavior that aligns with community expectations and goals

Students will develop self-awareness.

  • Students will examine the characteristics of identities.
  • Students will reflect on what forms their worldview.
  • Students will articulate their strengths and abilities.

Students will develop their own wellness practice.

  • Students will create a support system that promotes success.
  • Students will develop strategies to support their needs and goals.
  • Students will articulate environmental needs to promote personal wellness.