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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Residential Education and Housing and our student staff positions for 2020-21 academic year. Our staff positions provide an excellent opportunity to gain leadership skills, enhanced communication and interpersonal skills, and experience in building community. Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions regarding your application and the selection process.

Positions Available
Community Advisors: Community Advisors (CA’s) are sophomore and upper class students. These undergraduate student staff members serve as leaders in developing community within their area of responsibility, help to resolve student and community conflicts, and organizing community efforts in developing community events.

View the CA job description

House Assistants: House Assistants (HA) are upper-class students who serve as leaders and role models for the residents and contribute to community development in our Townhouse Complex. House Assistants also staff the Townhouse Area Office throughout the week.

View the HA job description

What are the requirements to become a student staff member (CA, HA)?
• All applicants should have completed at least one semester at TCNJ and be a full time undergraduate.
• Newly hired staff will need to have the ability to accept full academic year appointment.
• Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, a semester GPA of 2.0 and good disciplinary standing with the college. New hires will not be able to begin the position with a GPA below 2.5.
• Upon accepting a position, all staff members are required to review and sign a Student Employment Agreement outlining expected behavior as a staff member. If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact your supervising Residence Director.

What are the requirements to become a Community Advisor (CA)?
• CAs must be of at least sophomore status (min 7.75 TCNJ units) by the fall of 2020.
• Not participating in full-time student teaching or internship, and able to attend the weekly staff meetings on Wednesdays from 1PM-3PM.

What are the requirements to become a House Assistant?
• HAs must be of at least junior status (min. of 15.75 TCNJ units) by the fall of 2020.

What do I need to know about the application and reference forms?
1) Visit to complete an online application (open October 25, 2019 – November 20, 2019). You can submit one application to apply for both CA and HA positions.
2) Upload your resume as a PDF to the online application. Your resume must include your name, address, educational history, work history, co-curricular involvement, and any other special skills you would like us to know about.
3) Provide contact information for two references in your online application. ResEd staff will contact your references after your application is submitted. It is strongly recommended that one of your references be completed by a member of the TCNJ community (staff, faculty, current ResEd student staff). You should select references who can provide an objective and critical analysis of your skills and experiences. Family and friends are not recommended. It is in your best interest to explain the position(s) for which you are applying to your reference.

Student Staff Selection Process Timeline
Friday October 25, 2019
• Online applications become available at
October 25 – November 20, 2019
• All applicants must attend an information session (see website for details)
November 20, 2019
• Online applications due
December 20, 2019
• Online reference form due (sent directly to references via email)
January 2020
• ResEd staff will complete GPA and conduct checks for all applicants
• All applicants will be contacted regarding their application status via email
• Interviews begin (week of January 27, 2020)
February 14, 2020 (tentative):
• Decision letters sent to applicants via email

What about compensation and financial aid?
• CAs receive a room credit and a stipend of $1,115 per semester.
• HAs receive a partial room waiver each semester, covering 27% of the room rate. HAs will also be required to work a certain number of hours in the area office as Desk Assistants and will receive an hourly wage for this work as determined by Career Services.
• Staff compensation for those hired after the August start date will be prorated accordingly.
• Anyone receiving financial assistance should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the effect this position may have on your package.

What if I am studying abroad in Spring 2020?
• If you are studying abroad or have an internship outside of the NJ, NY, or PA area in Spring 2020, please include your departure date in your online application or email Many students do not leave for their trips until after our interview days, so you may still be able to attend.  We will work with you to ensure that you are able to have an in-person or online interview.

Are there mandatory meetings and training?
• All new staff members are required to attend orientation – to be scheduled on a Wednesday in April 2020.
• All staff members will be required to attend trainings in August and January. Staff should not make plans from August 9 – 23, 2020, as all staff will be required to participate in training and residence hall opening procedures .
• Other training and meetings are referenced in job descriptions.

If you have any questions, please attend any of our information sessions or contact us via email at


Tricia Torley Krajunus
Associate Director of Residential Education