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Frequently Asked Questions


When does the staff selection process start?

Each year, the selection process begins in October/November and concludes in February.

What buildings will Student Staff Members work in?
First Year Experience: Travers, Wolfe, Centennial, Norsworthy, ABE (Allen, Brewster, Ely), & Cromwell Halls.
Sophomore Year Experience: Decker, Eickhoff, New Residence, & Townhouses East Halls
Upper Class Experience: Townhouses South & West, Hausdoerffer, & Phelps Halls

*Building cohorts may change as we monitor the incoming class numbers and housing occupancy interest.

Do I get to pick which building I will live in or which staff I will join?
No. Candidates are asked to share their interest in cohorts on their application (i.e. First Year Experience, Sophomore Year Experience, Upper class Experience).  Only upper class students are eligible to work in the UCE area.  Positions will be filled based on current vacancies and the staff and community needs.

Do staff members get free room and board?
Not exactly. Compensation packages differ according to positions, and meal plans are not included. Please read the application materials for more details on compensation since this may or may not impact your financial aid package.

Can I have a roommate?
No.  All student staff rooms have been designated as singles.

If I am a staff member, can I have another job on or off campus?
Yes. However, all students are restricted by the number of hours they can work on campus each week. Staff members should discuss additional positions with their supervisors prior to beginning the position.

If I choose to leave my position, am I guaranteed housing?
No. Due to limited spaces available staff members who resign or do not return to staff are not guaranteed a space on campus. For more information about housing options please contact

Can I go home on weekends?
Yes, you may spend some weekends away from campus. There will be some weekends when you may be assigned to work daytime or evening hours.  You will need to work with your supervisor to determine approval for days away from campus in order to maintain adequate community and staff support.

How early do I have to come back in the Fall or how late do I have to stay in the Spring semester?
Staff members are required by contract to complete all training, opening and closing events. Fall training usually takes place approximately two weeks before classes begin in August. Winter Training takes place approximately 9 days before Spring classes begin in January. Staff are also required to stay through the last day of Commencement in May to ensure the residence halls are properly closed.

Do I really have to go to training?
All staff members are required by contract to attend all training events. Training covers many of the policies and procedures you will need to become a successful staff member.

What GPA do I need?
A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and semester GPA of 2.0 are required to qualify for interviews and be hired for CA/SMRO/DA positions.

How many credits should I have to apply?
In order to serve as a Community Advisor, you should have at least sophomore status (min. 7.75 TCNJ units) by Fall 2024. In order to serve as a Student Manager, you should have junior or senior status (at least 15.75 TCNJ credits) by Fall 2024.

Do I have to be a resident in order to be eligible for a position?
No. Many commuters have successfully joined our residential staff with no previous “resident” experience.  We strongly encourage non-residential students to apply.

What is the interview process like?
You can expect to have an individual interview, during which you will meet professional and student staff members, and have the opportunity to ask questions about the department and student staff positions.

Who should I ask for a letter of recommendation?
Reference forms should be completed by an individual who has known you and can comment on the skills and abilities you possess that would make you a successful student staff member. References are very important. We recommend that at least one of your references comes from a current TCNJ faculty or staff member or Res Ed student staff member. References from family and friends are not suitable for this process.

I have been involved in a disciplinary documentation and found responsible.  Can I still apply for a student staff position?
Yes. We will review each candidate’s conduct history as part of the application process. Please note that candidates who have been found responsible for certain conduct violations, particularly those involving drugs, alcohol, or personal abuse, may not be invited to interview. Additionally, students on a probationary, pending termination of housing, or pending suspension status may not be invited to interview.  If you have any concerns about your conduct history, please contact

Can I apply to more than one position during the process?

Yes – you will be asked in the application to indicate your interest in all Res Ed Staff positions – CA, SMRO, and DA.  Candidates will be evaluated for each position individually and professional staff will determine placement based on staffing needs.

If I was declined last year, can I apply again?
Absolutely! Each year we receive more applications than available vacant positions and we have successfully hired many staff members who re-apply after initially being declined.

Can I apply if I am going to be a 5th-year senior?
Yes. All full-time undergraduate students are welcome to apply. Please note that you must have a full-time credit status to live in residence and must be able to make a full-year commitment to a student staff position.

Can I be a student teacher and be a staff member?
Due to staff meetings and other required staff events, student teachers are not able to be CAs but are welcome to apply for DA positions.

Who should I speak to if I have more questions about my application?
You may ask any current ResEd staff member about their experience going through the process. However, for updates on this year’s process and your application status, please visit our website at or email us at